Sehmus Ozden





PhD in Materials Science and NanoEngineering, MSNE, Rice Univeristy,   2011-2016

M.S. in Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Fatih University,                   2009-2010 Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Fatih University,                     2005-2009


Director’s Post-Doctoral Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory                       2016-Present

MRS 2014 Fall Meeting Travel Award by the Rice GSA                                                       2014

RSC 2014 Fall Meeting Travel Award by Rice University                                                    2014

MS Scholarship Award of Fatih University                                                                            2009-2010     

Salutatorian of the department of chemistry in Fatih University,                                                                       2009

BS Scholarship Award of Fatih University                                                                                                    2005-2009              

BS Scholarship Award of Turkish Government                                                                                           2005-2009      


Ø  Director’s Post-Doctoral Fellow

Materials Physics and Application Division, Los Alamos National Lab,     Sep. 2016-Present

v  Metal-Organic Hybrid Perovskites for Optoelectronic Applications,

v  Catalysis for Hydrogen Production.

Ø  ResearchAssistant                                                                          Aug.,2011-Aug., 2016

Department of Materials Science andNanoengineering, Rice University

v  Synthesis of Multifunctional 3D-Nanostructures

v  Carbon Nanotube Synthesis

v  Exfoliation of 2D-Materials

v  Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

v  Chemical Functionalization of Nanomaterials

v  Unzipping Nanotubes

v  Self-Assembly of Nanomaterials

v  Mechanical Testing

v  Water-Treatment

v  Water-Harvesting

v  Mechanical Damping

v  Energy Storage (Li-ion Batteries, Supercapacitors)

Ø  GraduateIntern Aramco Services Company                           Jun,2015-January, 2016

v  Smart Fracking Fluids

v  Surfactants

Ø  ResearchAssistant                                                                         Sep, 2009-Sep., 2010

Department of Chemistry, Fatih University

v  Polymer Synthesis

v  Functionalization of Polymers

v  Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells


v Organic Chemistry Lab, Department of Chemistry, Rice University,                2011-2012   

v Polymer Chemistry Class, Department of Chemistry, Fatih University,            2009- 2010.


v Assoc. Editor of Evolutions in Mechanical Engineering.                 2018-Present

v Reviewer of RSC Advances, Carbon, Journal of Applied Physics, IJBM, Journal of Materials Science, Journal ofMaterials Letters.          

v Member of Materials Research Society (MRS), American ChemicalSociety (ACS), Electrochemical Society (ECS), Royal Society of Chemistry(RSC)        

v Appointed as head of Chemistry Lab. Responsible for performing maintenance, repairing equipment, planning and procuring supplies, and maintaining efficient working lab environment.                                                                     

v I Mentored and supervised team of graduate and undergraduate research assistants. 

v The Student I Mentored Awarded Bronze Medal Within 700 Students Representing 62 Different Countries in International Science Fair 2016

v The President of Rice Turkish Association (RTSA)         2013-2016